The Art & Skill Of Coaching: 5 Advanced Coaching Skills For More Ease, Impact, & Income In Your Wellness Business

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I help driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs, business owners, and service providers drop the weight of expectations, stand out from the crowd, and build values-based businesses by living fiercely aligned.

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I’m not here to play small.

In 4th grade, I found my first love: baton twirling. I practiced hard before and after school in a quiet gym by myself. I traveled to competitions on the weekends and wore sparkly outfits that made me feel special. By high school, I was crowned ‘International Parade Majorette’ and led the band down the field on Friday nights. As the only twirler in my school, it laid the foundation for my entrepreneurial journey:

Work hard in private. Shine in public.

This philosophy served me when I built my massage practice. It served me when I started my coaching career. It served me when I launched The BodyMind Coaching Program. It served me, until it didn’t.

While building a business, I lost myself.

Building my business was a thrill. I thrived in the creative process of listing building, webinars, launches, ads, and all the things. I busted my butt and hit six figures. I got hyper focused and hit multi-six figures. I brought on a team and then… Covid hit.

I went from thriving in the energy of creation to hustling to maintain a business in the middle of a pandemic. Building a business when you have nothing to lose is exhilarating. Now, I had something to lose-- a brand, a team, a family, an identity. I was working harder than ever in private but feeling my light dim in public. Deep down, there was a fear that if I let go, it would all fall apart. But the truth was, holding on was the problem and I wasn’t trusting my most valuable asset-- myself.

There is no right size business. There is only the right size business for you.

-Trudi Lebron

Surrender is a business strategy.

Business as usual was no longer business as usual. While my newsfeed was filled with ads telling me of the secret I needed to reach my next level or the social media strategy of wiggling around and pointing into thin air for 15 seconds was essential to my success, I kept hearing a quiet voice whispering inside: Follow the ease.

Although I resisted it at first, when I finally surrendered and released what was heavy-- clients, programs, expectations, responsibilities-- and trusted what was light-- spaciousness in my schedule, sharing when I had something to say, making offers that were so simple it felt naughty to receive for something so easy. Layer by layer, I fiercely followed my alignment and stepped into the energy that made me feel alive, I felt my creative spark return. The simpler things got, the more expansive everything became and the more powerful the results my clients received.

Redefining the rules.

As a woman who wants to do good and make the world a better place, I had created so many unconscious ‘rules’ of who I had to be to be worthy of receiving for what I desired. What the past few years showed all of us that we have one precious life. There is only NOW.

When I let my desires lead, the world around me becomes a better place. Wanting spaciousness, ease, love, abundance, equity, connection, community isn’t just about me-- it’s about my family, my community, my clients. Denying myself in the hopes that others receive more is a lie- one that many heart-centered business owners fall into. When I shed the unconscious ‘rules’ of what business should look like and allowed space for what my business got to look like, everything changed.

Full time job to 6 figure coaching business

I was spread thin and crazy busy in my booked solid Massage & Skincare private practice. I started working with Laura because I wanted to shift into the next BIG THING that not only supported my dreams of having a fully happy and free life, but that also allowed me to help my clients on a deeper level. I quickly realized that, until I did the deep inner work for myself, my pattern of overgiving would not change. Laura's program showed me how powerful receiving support from like-minded people is. Now I have a fully aligned business that allows me to show up in all of my brilliance and receive time and money for the simple act of being me.

Alina McGilloway

Founder of Core Momentum Coaching

A Fiercely Aligned Life

Living a fiercely aligned life has not only allowed me to surpass seven figures with much more grace and ease, it’s allowed me to be more present for my family, my clients, and my community.

As more people, especially womxn, healers, and feelers, step into being self employed, we have an opportunity to demonstrate what it means to lead from our natural, God-given talents of intuition, compassion, connection, and community.

Being fiercely aligned is about knowing you are already enough, that you are worthy of receiving for who you are, and then boldly sharing your heart with the world.

I desire a world that is more equitable, kind, and loving. A world where we prioritize the health of each other and our planet over profits. A world where everyBODY can live fully free and connected. You living fiercely aligned is what the world needs now.



Making money and making the world a better place are not mutually exclusive

-Rachel Rodgers

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