The Art & Skill Of Coaching: 5 Advanced Coaching Skills For More Ease, Impact, & Income In Your Wellness Business

The Key To Sustainable Multi-Six And Seven Figures Isn’t Another Strategy--

It’s You.

The Key To Sustainable Multi-Six And Seven Figures Isn’t Another Strategy--

It’s You.

In order to deliver results that transform both businesses and lives, a coaching program must have three components:

A Coaching Program Must Have 3 Components:


A framework that is designed to uncover your brilliance (and get paid for it!)


World-class support and coaches that are fully committed to your success (not what they think your success should be)


Simplicity. Yes, really.

Most business coaching programs fall into one of two categories: either they prioritize their process over your individual needs or they give you just enough for one step and then you have to upgrade to get real results. You’re smart enough to know that you don’t need another ‘how to’ program. You need a framework that allows you to uncover your unique brilliance and a coach--a real coach-- that holds you to a higher standard of yourself.

The truth is-- the online space has been flooded with ‘coaches’’ who aren’t really coaching. The popular ‘mindset hacks’ that sound great in 15-second reels are rooted in disconnection. Yes, they may spark inspiration, but the long-term transformation you truly desire always falls short.

We are


We know the key to success is your alignment.

We also know that ‘alignment’ isn’t some airy fairy, woo-woo, cross-your-fingers kind of thing.

It’s a practical & physiological process that, once you understand how to activate it for yourself, allows you to find your unique flow.

Developed over the past decade, our cutting edge process has supported our clients in getting results in any heart-centered, service-based industry. We include world-class, one-on-one coaching support from an ICF trained team that can’t be matched.

Most importantly, we’ve simplified this amazing process so that you can stop chasing the perfect funnel or strategy and instead step into your flow and start seeing results immediately.

That’s why our clients tell us daily that this process didn’t just change their business, it changed their life-- we’re here to create the perfect strategy for you and that starts with creating your ideal life now.

3 Reasons You Should NOT Do Business With Us...

It’s time to get honest. Unlike many programs out there, we aren’t for everyone.

Unlike all the other programs out there, we’re not for everyone. So here are three reasons you should NOT do business with us.


Don’t Work With Us If You’re Looking To “Get Rich Quick.”

Do our clients go on to leverage their time and increase their income? You bet! But they also do the work, take action that stretches them outside their comfort zone, and they fiercely trust and follow their alignment.

There is a difference between ‘ease’ and ‘easy’. A life of ease requires boldly aligned decisions and action.This process will help you bring more ease into your life and business, and it starts by doing the work that isn’t always easy.

Our clients show up and are coachable, decisive, and willing to take action. They show up. They learned from their setbacks. They leaned into their fears. They owned their results and earned their success.

Your results are 100% up to you.


Don’t work with us if you just want someone to tell you want to do.

There is a reason those ‘how to’ courses give you juuuust enough to move forward but leave you feeling like something is missing. What’s missing is YOU.

Your strategy is unique to you. Our coaches are uniquely trained to help you source what is already within you and then help you map out your unique process to create what you desire in your life while hitting your business milestones.

But if you just want us to tell you what to do without doing your inner work, without a willingness to shift your perspective, without getting uncomfortable, then we can’t help you.

We have the ability to simplify and scale your business in a way that feels good. But only if you are willing to show up for yourself.

You are 100% accountable to yourself.


Don’t work with us if you’re not 100% committed to your clients or your community.

If you’re in business to make a lot of money but you don’t really care about your clients and/or your community, it’s best we part ways now.

While we have the ability to help you simplify and scale your business in a way that feels good for you, we won’t do it if you aren’t in this for the right reasons.

We believe we have a moral obligation to serve our members at the highest level and to get them amazing results.

You got into this work to help people and if you don’t genuinely care about your clients and operate from a place of full integrity, we aren’t a fit to work together.

If you believe in delivering incredible results to your clients like we do, then we can and will help you do that.

So let’s chat about who is a fit for our coaching services and programs.

Who we are for

If you are a coach, a professional service provider, a heart-centered entrepreneur who is great at what you do and loves helping people live healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled lives, if you’re passionate about what you do, we can help you uncomplicate your business and create a strategy that feels fully aligned.

You must be open to seeing new perspectives. Our coaches are amazing at helping you uncover your ordinary brilliance. You have to have an open mind and be coachable.

You must show up and take the next step. Even when it’s scary. Even when you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. This process is designed to help you fiercely trust your inner alignment like never before.

You must be resourceful. There is always a way when you operate from your alignment. Always.

You must be ready to be fully you and receive abundantly for your gifts.

Michelle makes the sales conversation so simple and loving.

Stephanis Lankford

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Yesterday, I signed my 4th coaching client! Pilot program full!

Shelly West

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I enrolled 2 new students today. First 2 in 1 day ever!

Sara Ceo

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I got my time back.

As an RMT for 16 years, I had a full practice yet was living paycheck to paycheck- exhausted and burned out. Working with Laura helped me restructure how I was showing up in business so I could receive fully for my brilliance and how I naturally work with my clients. Now, I have a schedule that supports me first, allows me time to work on my passion projects, and I even take regular lunch breaks- which I had never done in my entire career! (And yes, I learned to celebrate ALL the wins- no matter how big or small!)

Halinka Van Minnen

RMT/BodyMind Coach and Founder of The Healthy & Happy Place

Coaching Business Supports her love of travel

Prior to working with Laura, I had taken multiple coaching programs for years trying to build a passive income stream that would allow me more location independence outside of my high-end spa job.

t wasn’t until I worked with Laura that my big dreams started to actually become real. She has a brilliant way to help you see your aligned way forward and how simple it gets to be. Thanks to her leadership, I now have a successful online coaching business that supports my love of travel… My home base is now in Ireland and I just got back from spending a year on the road!

Carly Clark Zimmer

BodyMind Coach & Founder of First5

Business Owner to Creative Entrepreneur

I first found Laura when I was in the midst of serious burnout in my business... Not only was I a busy massage therapist, I had a full team of employees and a business to run. Although I didn’t know what it could look like, I knew that I wanted something different, something more. Working with Laura helped me see how I was more than what I was doing. She was my stepping stone into creating an aligned business and life. Now, I do a lot less and make a lot more. My days revolve around creativity with rest and self-care as my main business actions. I have more income streams other than just my massage business… I wrote a book, created online coaching courses and have a successful monthly subscription box service.

April Cacciatori

BodyMind Coach, writer and founder of Zenspiration Boxes

PLEASE NOTE: We believe Black Lives Matter, we support LGBTQIA+ rights, we know that what makes you YOU is your brilliance, and we celebrate and welcome all intersectional identities– from neurodivergent, to religious, to disabilities and everything in between. We actively invest and work to build an equitable, inclusive, anti-racist company from the inside out. We believe in science. We encourage you to join our community if you share these values and want to work with a company that is committed to doing their inner work to create a better world.

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