The Art & Skill Of Coaching: 5 Advanced Coaching Skills For More Ease, Impact, & Income In Your Wellness Business

Build Your Fiercely Aligned Business

Build Your Fiercely Aligned Business

Over the past decade, I’ve helped thousands of heart-centered coaches work less while doubling their income.

Implementing my simple and practical Fiercely Aligned Framework, our clients cut back their working hours by up to 50% while doubling their income.

While most people keep chasing the next shiny business thing to add to the mix, we show you how to uncomplicate your business and create a strategy that works for you so you can get paid for the simple things you’re already doing.



The way to find your unique strategy is to start from your embodiment. Our proprietary process will help you clarify and connect to the powerful force that is within you. Unlike most coaching programs that only focus on mindset, our coaching process is designed with embodiment at its core.



Most heart-centered coaches and service providers are unintentionally complicating their programs and offers. We’ll help you simplify your services, uncover your unique process, and scale in a way that fully honors your values while deeply serving your community.



This may sound obvious, but if you want to help people, you have to make it easy for them to say yes and pay you! Where are you creating hoops for your clients to jump through instead of opening the door and inviting them to come in? There are people around you now who are waiting for exactly what you have to give…. They just need the invitation to take the next step.



You know where most heart-centered coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs struggle most? Receiving for what is easy and natural for you. You read that right. That is where our process really kicks in. The reason we work 1:1 with our clients is because we know that the perfect strategy will never work if you aren’t willing to do the uncomfortable and vulnerable work of receiving for being you.

I think what I really had to give up was certainty

Before working with Laura, I felt like I had to blow up my massage practice. I was so busy with no way out in sight. My journey began with changing my hours to make room for the coaching calls (which meant giving up massage time slots). Soon thereafter I was able to shift from focusing on what I was giving up to focusing instead on what I was getting. Here's what I know to be true- life doesn't have any guarantees. I exchanged certainty for curiosity so I could grow into what could be. Now I realize, it wasn’t about giving up at all- it was about finding more of myself. I had to release what I thought it should look like to make room for a possibility that I really hadn't considered before.

Heidi Metro

BodyMind Coach & Founder of Lead From Within

1:1 & Group Coaching

The Fiercely Aligned Mastermind

This is a place for leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches, who are done chasing another ‘how to’ course and ready to simplify and scale their businesses by fiercely following their alignment so they can stand out from the crowd by being themselves.

Who is this for?

• You’re tired of chasing the ‘next strategy’- hoping that will be the thing that finally works. You want a strategy designed specifically for you

• You feel your freedom and flexibility slipping away- the entire reason you got into business in the first place!

• You’re ready to stand out and be seen


• While you're a badass at building funnels, you're crave for simplicity in your business

• You have a deep desire to create an impact in the world and you operate from total integrity

• You are committed to your growth and are willing to face fear, failure, and frustration because you know they are part of the process

•You have an ability to take decisive action and trust that you'll figure it out

•You have an established business that has surpassed the six figure mark

Who is this NOT for?

• You’re just starting your business

• You’re not willing to be coached

• You’re looking for someone to tell you what to do


This program is invitation only. Please apply if you are interested.

Results you can expect

• Simplified and scalable offers that are easy to deliver

• An aligned strategy that honors you and your values while creating sustainable success in your life and business

• One-on-one personalized support that puts you at the center of this process

Space is limited

Become A Coach

The BodyMind Coaching Certification Program

This is for heart-centered folks who are ready to incorporate a powerful coaching process into their life and business by becoming a certified coach.

Who is this for?

• You’re an amazing listener and you’re ready to get paid for simply being present

• You’re ready to deepen your client’s results without adding more to your schedule or carrying the weight of their results on your shoulders

• You know the power of coaching in your own life and you want to hold space for others to uncover their brilliance and live it in their life

• You know the key to results is more than just mindset, it’s an embodied process, and you are looking for a coach training that incorporates a body-mind approach to results


• A standard of excellence in how you show up and serve your clients

• A commitment to your growth and personal development

• A desire to expand beyond your current level and work smarter, not harder

• A deep knowing that you, as you are are, are worthy of receiving

• A willingness to take action out of your comfort zone knowing that you either learn or your grow

• While not required, having an established service-based business is helpful

Who is this NOT for?

• You are not willing to see new perspectives and think there is only one way- your way- to reach a goal

• You don’t actually want to coach people, you just want to tell them what to do

• You spiritually bypass the hard stuff because feelings and emotions make you uncomfortable

• You think love and light is enough to address the injustices of the world

Results you can expect

• 60 hour coach training and certification designed to meet ICF Standards & Competencies

• Learn a powerful coaching process that will help you engage the Body-Mind connection while supporting clients in getting amazing results

• A fully aligned coaching program that you are excited to share with your clients

• Fall in love with sales and enroll clients with ease

Ready to take the next step?

Self-Study Course

Living BodyMind: The Navigating Course

Ready to apply BodyMind principles in your own life? Join Laura and our BodyMind Ambassadors for a self-study course to help you navigate relationships, difficult conversations, fear, etc.

Who is this for?

• You’re ready to decrease your stress

• You’re ready to live a more connected life

• You’re ready to connect with yourself and deepen your personal growth journey

Who is this NOT for?


• Bullet point 1 goes here

• Bullet point 2 goes here

• Bullet point 3 goes here

Ornare arcu dui vivamus arcu felis bibendum ut tristique.

• If you want to complain about your circumstances

• You’re not willing to look inward

• You’re not willing to do your own work



Results you can expect

• How to navigate difficult conversations while staying aligned with your values

• How to practice discernment when making decisions in your life

• How to use Human Design in navigating questions in your life

• How to bring more joy into your daily life

Ready to take the next step?

I now have time for my own self-care and personal growth!

I went from working with 30+ clients per week in my spa job to being in my own business- working with no more than 1 person per day. My days are spacious- I now have time for my own self-care and personal growth! One of the most important things I learned through working with Laura is that I’m a person, before I’m anything else.

Cat Farrar

BodyMind Coach & Founder of Element Shifting

I now fully understand how important pricing really is!

Investing in myself and my own growth with Laura has taught me just how much I’d been undervaluing my skills and undercharging for my services. I now fully understand how important pricing really is- because true transformation can only happen when a person feels fully invested.

Codie Lea

Holistic Transformation Practitioner & Artist

Business owner to creative entrepreneur

I first found Laura when I was in the midst of serious burnout in my business… Not only was I a busy massage therapist, I had a full team of employees and a business to run. Working with Laura helped me see how I was more than what I was doing. She was my stepping stone into creating an aligned business and life.

April Cacciatori

BodyMind Coach, writer and founder of Zenspiration Boxes

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